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Why is it so hard to pump up the press?

The fact is that people tend to pump abs to tighten their bellies, lose fat and make themselves more attractive and athletic, and not in order to pose with big cubes.

We could assume that the classic exercises on the press do not work. Constant training  is also not a guarantee of the good result.

This is quite natural, because muscle tone is not only affected by sports.

Genetics and hormones

Genetics plays a huge role in shaping the terrain. Each body is individual, so an equal number of exercises can result in one person and not help another at all.

Hormones affect our metabolism and how our body accumulates fat - accordingly, their balance is also important to consider if you want to see noticeable changes from constant exercise.

Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash

Don’t forget to have rest

Exercise, diet, and rest are the three main factors. Remember and use this rule! Success lies in the right combination of nutrition, sports and recovery time, because lack of sleep directly affects our hormones and the feeling of hunger. The saturation of leptin is low when you don’t get enough sleep.

Grelin stimulates the appetite - so when it rises, you want to eat more than usual. To notice the results and see the press, it is important to reduce the percentage of fat, so rest and relaxation are the key factors.

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

Start from the kitchen

This is one of the favorites of personal coaches. On a physical level, your abs can be well developed, but the excess fat that covers it prevents muscles from developing. It’s a little pointless to do hundreds of abs to pump it up. Of course, you should be careful that the percentage of body fat does not fall below normal. Eat a lot of vegetables, drink enough liquid and control the ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your diet. 

Her eare more nutrition tips:

1. After the workout, eat fresh cheese or yogurt. Sour milk products, such as yogurt, help in the digestion process and maintain balance of intestinal microflora.

2. Eggs are a source of natural protein that promotes the formation of muscle mass.

3. Include chia seeds in the diet (they can be added to smoothies or salads). They are rich in essential fatty acids, fiber, proteins and minerals.Note: if your main goal is to lose weight, do not put too much pressure on the chia. They are a lot of fat that can prevent you from achieving what you want.

Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash

Stress Press 1:0

Stress is one of the main enemies of a flat stomach. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone and its excess contributes to fat accumulation and muscle mass destruction. The more stress, the more cortisol and the harder it is to get results from sports.

There are no magic exercises

No matter how hard we try to find universal exercises, so that we can easily pump the abs, the reality is that there are none. Sorry, however, this is the reality. Looking for miraculous abdominal training is just the wrong thing to do. If you ask athletes with enviable relief, they will tell us that they never focus only on the muscles of the press, and work them through all the other exercises. Therefore, of the hundreds of recommended training on the press it is impossible to choose one unmistakable - you need a complex.

Photo by Karolis Milišauskas on Unsplash

Cardio is absolutely required

Cardio has a positive effect on metabolism, so it’s a must.

You need hard exercises: the more muscle your body has, the more likely you are to have a sports press. You can split one workout into two parts - cardio and strength - or alternate both types of workouts for a week.

Photo by Yulissa Tagle on Unsplash

How many days a week should I practice?

The amount of training depends on your data: genetics, age and lifestyle matter. But on average it is worth training three or four times a week to get results. Alternate cardio and strength if you have a high percentage of fat. Another important thing to remember is the rest between loads.

Put these tips to your “list to do” and share your amazing results!

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