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Training with a personal trainer: what to expect

To achieve any fitness goal, you need to develop an effective fitness plan and commit to it. While that may sound easy, it could become quite a hard task, especially if you do it alone.

That’s when a personal trainer comes to the rescue. The role of a fitness trainer goes far beyond just being present at your workout sessions and showing you how to do exercises – in fact, they cover the whole range of aspects that can help you not just get fit, but also stay in great shape at any age, develop healthy habits, and improve your quality of life.

If you’ve never worked with a personal trainer before and want to know what it’s like – this article is for you.

Offline vs. online

Nowadays, to train with world-class fitness experts, you don’t necessarily have to travel to another city or country where they’re located. While training with your fitness trainer in person has its own benefits, so does training online – you can choose whatever suits you best and enjoy the same high-quality results, as the core benefits stay the same.

For example, offline training allows your trainer to physically correct and assist you during your workout, while online training provides the ultimate flexibility allowing you to train from any place in the world, including a hotel room or your home terrace, which is especially useful during the lockdown.

But in any case, your personal trainer will show and explain to you everything you need to know, will constantly monitor your technique, and support you, whether in person or via video calls.

A fitness trainer having a video call with a client and warming up

The first session

The first task of a personal trainer – and the first topic that you will discuss together on your first session – is setting realistic goals and expectations for your fitness program.

To do that, a personal trainer will assess your current fitness level, eating habits, health state, and body type and limitations. This information is vital for setting healthy, realistic goals and developing the most effective personal fitness plan for achieving lasting results.

The first session is also a great opportunity for you to check if you are comfortable with your chosen trainer and if you want to work with them for the next several months and beyond. Ask all questions that you have and get ready to answer many questions too.

Workout routine

After the first session, your personal trainer will create a customized training plan that will suit your timetable. From now on, every workout will be fun, challenging, and built around moving closer to your goals in the most effective way.

You will also get recommendations on what to do between your workouts – including daily supporting exercises or independent gym training.

At your workout sessions, your trainer will explain and show the technique of all exercises and make sure that you do them properly and safely – with the right posture and intensity, which will reduce the risk of injury.

A personal trainer also helps you be as efficient as possible during your workouts and achieve results faster. As you train under the constant supervision of a fitness expert, you don’t waste your workout time on your phone or chatting with others, and instead concentrate on the exercises.

Nutrition plan

Your training routine is only half of the deal, and you will only get so far without a healthy nutrition plan. What you eat to fuel your body directly affects not only your general health, but also the effectiveness of your workouts.

Your fitness trainer will provide professional nutritional guidance and develop a well-balanced diet plan based on your goals, allergies, likes, and dislikes.

Proper diet will maximize your training efforts and help you achieve lasting results.

Lifestyle recommendations

A good personal trainer doesn’t only cover your workout sessions and daily diet, but also provides general lifestyle recommendations that will help you get and stay fit and healthy.

They will share everything you need to know about finding motivation, developing healthy habits, and even boosting your general health while getting the body of your dreams. When you work with an expert-level personal trainer for reaching your fitness goals, your general wellbeing flourishes too.

A woman chopping cucumber and smiling

Accountability & Support

Forming and following healthy habits takes a lot of willpower and self-discipline, and sometimes, you may need an external push and support to go for it.

Your personal trainer is there to provide that push – they help you stay on track with your goals, stick to your plan, and keep going even when you don’t feel that motivated.

Besides, a personal trainer is your private cheerleader – you’ll get constant support and encouragement that will go far beyond your training sessions and help you build up your confidence in everyday life.  

Starting a fitness routine can feel motivating and intimidating at the same time, especially if you are not an experienced athlete. A professional fitness trainer is there to make your fitness journey as effective, safe, and enjoyable as possible, so you can concentrate on becoming the best version of yourself. Choose your trainer carefully, and you will get constant support and invaluable guidance while moving closer to your body goals.‍

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