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Fruits and sport

Fruits are a source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and fiber. All these substances help the body to function better, fight various viruses and diseases, stay energetic and healthy.

However, some fruits might contain fructose, and sometimes are large in calories, and so therefore do not benefit those who try to lose weight. But there is no reason to give up the fruit ration altogether.


Bananas are good for athletes who gain muscle mass. They are rich in trace elements and vitamins, perfectly replenish strength and loss of potassium and glycogen after exercise. There is one "but": the glycemic index of bananas is high enough, so people who are trying to get rid of excess weight, should consume bananas moderately.

Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash


Apples are low-calorie fruits for all occasions. They can be eaten during working hours, satisfy the hunger during the walk and eat before the training (30-40 minutes), and thus provide yourself with energy to perform the exercises. Apples contain a large amount of fiber, vitamin C and iron, which are very important for the diet of athletes.


Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and fiber - what the body needs after a workout. By taking oranges after a workout, you stimulate the body’s metabolic processes and restore important trace elements that were lost during exercise.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash


Strawberries are berries with excellent taste, low calorie and glycemic index and a large amount of fiber. It is better to eat strawberries with cereals in the morning before training.


Pomegranate perfectly restores iron loss and enriches the body with vitamin C. That is why it is useful to use it after a workout.

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash


Grapefruits are another great source of vitamin C. For athletes who are trying to lose weight and lose the hated extra pounds, these are indispensable fruits. They help to improve metabolism, promote healthy metabolism, and combat various types of viral diseases.


Kiwi, or actinidium, contains the folic acid that athletes need after cardio training and strength training. It has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to recover quickly after intense loads.

Photo by Pontus Ohlsson on Unsplash


Everyone knows lemons as a fruit that helps fight diseases and viral infections. And also, thanks to vitamin C in the composition, lemons help fight harmful organisms and provide support for the liver. Water with lemon perfectly tones, gives strength and energy, so it is useful to consume lemon during training.

If you do sports, feel free to add these fruits to your daily diet.

If you are in the process of losing weight - be sure to count the fruits and berries in the daily calorie, because it is very easy to get carried away and accidentally go into excess calories. Different studies call for different figures regarding the threshold amount of glucose, after which it turns into fat, on average 60-100 grams per day. To gain such an amount of fructose per day, you have to try (60 gr. fructose=750 gr grapes or 6 bananas).

When forming the right diet for an athlete it is important not only to correctly calculate the amount of calories consumed, but also to distribute them for several receptions during the day. 

Photo by Jo Sonn on Unsplash

To assume everything saying, the best time for fruit and berries is right after waking up. In the morning, the fructose is not converted into fat. There is nothing wrong with eating a little of your favorite fruit half an hour before strength training and after - to replenish the level of glycogen in the muscles and liver.

And remember, the most useful fruit is fresh. No cocktail or fruit ice contains such valuable fiber and vitamins that contain natural berries and fruits.

Eat fruits and be healthy!

Cover photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash

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