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Collagen: Interview with PhD Vanessa Craig

Collagen protein performs a variety of functions in a human body, one of them is to provide skin elasticity. The properties of this substance make it very popular in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Manufacturers of creams and dietary supplements (dietary supplements) claim that collagen contained in their products reduces the number of wrinkles.

Known also under the phrase «the white of youth», collagen is enveloped with many mysteries . Experts in the field of medicine have spoken about the positive impact of this component on the human body. We found out what collagen is needed for and where to get it, and also talked with PhD Vanessa Craig, who created the very special formula, about the effectiveness of cosmetics with collagen, the main myths and secrets of preservation of youth and beauty.

Photo by Nora Hutton on Unsplash

Julia Stecher: Hi Vanessa! Tell us about yourself!

Vanessa Craig: My name is Vanessa Craig, I have a PhD in biomedicine. I focus my research on longevity and how to harness nutrition to slow down the ageing process to live a long healthful life.

I am the founder of Formettā, a Swiss neutraceutical company focused on making the most effective collagen supplement possible.

I also lead a personalised nutrition program at Rivr medical campus. We help our clients understand their body at the cellular level in order to reach their health goals. This involves performing comprehensive blood biomarker analysis, food intolerance tests and DNA analysis.

Originally from Australia, I now live in Zurich with my husband and two children.  

Please see my page on Rivr for a more detailed CV:

J.S.: How did you decide to create collagen?

V.C.: I never set out to make my own collagen product. After feeling the signs of premature ageing I was strongly motivated to find the best way to slow down the ageing process naturally. Through my research I became convinced of the powerful effects of collagen peptides. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with the products on the market. Therefore, I started making my own formulation just for myself. Then my friends and clients wanted to know my secret so Formettā grew from there.

J.S.: How many years did it take you?

V.C.: I started working on the formulation in 2015 and my first official production was in 2020.

J.S.: What is collagen?

V.C: Collagen is most abundant protein in the body, comprising 30 percent of the total protein mass. It serves as the major structural protein in numerous tissues of the body, including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, blood vessels, muscles, gut tissue, and dentin. The human body continuously manufactures collagens to maintain tissue structural integrity. However, aging drives a progressive decrease in protein synthesis and the associated reduced capacity to produce new collagen.

Photo by Audrey M Jackson on Unsplash

J.S.: What is its role?

V.C.:Collagen’s main role is to provide structure, strength and support throughout your body. The name collagen comes from the Greek word kólla, meaning "glue", and -gen, denoting “producing”. Collagen is essentially the glue holding our body together and it is responsible for the youthful appearance of skin, hair and nails.

J.S.: How to enhance collagen synthesis?

V.C.:The best way to boost collagen synthesis is through consumption of high quality collagen peptides along with important co-factors needed for collagen synthesis. Formetta is an advanced formulation containing all the essential ingredients in the correct scientific dose to ensure clinical results.

Our advanced formulation not only boosts collagen synthesis but importantly it is also designed to prevent collagen breakdown.

J.S.: Why are collagen injections so effective?

V.C.: Collagen injections are a type of localised cosmetic surgery that are performed to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles. These fillers are effective in the injected area but only in the short-term. The collagen injected will degrade like natural collagen does over time.

J.S.: What rituals do you need to include in your beauty routine to maintain the proper level of collagen?

V.C.: First and foremost, take Formettā which is an advanced formula designed to not only boost collagen synthesis but also protect collagen from degradation.

Avoid collagen “killers”:

- Excess sugar consumption.

- Too much Stress (physical and emotional)

- Lack of sleep

- UV damage

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

J.S.: How does stress affect collagen production?

V.C.: Chronic stress leads to chronically elevated levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. These hormones damage collagen and also lower collagen production. Therefore chronic stress can have a devastating impact on collagen health, leading to damaged bones, joints and skin.

J.S.: Will collagen help improve skin condition?

V.C.: Collagen peptides have been scientifically proven to improve the following skin properties over time:

- Increased hydration

- Reduction in wrinkles

- Improved skin texture

- Increased elasticity

J.S.: Do collagen supplements help protect bones?

V.C.: Collagen comprises 90% of the organic matrix of bone so when your body's collagen production decreases, your bones weaken, making them more susceptible to fracture. Studies show that taking collagen peptides improves bone mineral density and therefore may be helpful in treating and preventing osteoporosis.

J.S.: What does make your formula so special?


1. Dose is key

Formula contains clinically effective doses of each ingredient. Often supplements do not contain the correct dose to have an effect. Our formula contains 10g of the best collagen peptides. This is the ideal amount.

2. The best peptides

Our collagen peptides have been clinically proven to work. They are the highest quality possible meaning they will be easily absorbed by the small intestine. They are tested for heavy metals and toxins. This is important because animals accumulate toxins in their collagen. Our peptides are sourced only from welfare cows (bovine hide).

3. Essential co-factors

Contains essential co-ingredients which are important for collagen production and protection. Please see our website for all the information on the individual ingredients.

4. Contains no sugar, preservatives fillers or another pro-ageing ingredients

5. Swiss made

Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

J.S.: Should collagen be a part of our daily routine?

V.C.: Yes daily use will ensure best results. Collagen breakdown is a continual process and it’s important to boost production and prevent degradation everyday.

J.S.: When to take collagen and what is the dosage?

V.C.: Collagen production starts to decrease by mid-20s already and really takes a dive after menopause. I recommend starting as soon as possible to boost your collagen stores with one sachet of Formetta per day which contains 10g collagen peptides plus essential ingredients.  

J.S.. How do collagen supplements work?

V.C.: High quality collagen peptides can be absorbed through the small intestine. They are then distributed throughout the body.  The peptides stimulate collagen producing cells to make more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Your body prioritises where the collagen is needed the most. For example if your healthy status is low due to organ damage or poor gut health then it will take longer to see the beautifying effects on the skin, hair and nails. Age also plays a role here too. For this reason we recommend taking Formetta for at least 3 months to observe all the health and beauty benefits.

J.S.: What degrades collagen?

V.S.: Factors which can lead to collagen degradation include ageing (this is the main cause), disease, exposure to UV radiation , inflammation, stress, poor diet (eg too much sugar) and smoking.

J.S.: What organ does produce collagen?

V.C.: Collagen synthesis occurs mainly in cells called fibroblasts which are specialized cells with the main function of synthesizing collagen and the extracellular matrix.

Other cells include osteoblasts (bone) , odontoblasts (teeth), and chondrocytes (joints and cartilage).

Photo by Rafaella Mendes Diniz on Unsplash

J.S.: Are there any side effects in collagen?

V.C.: Taking collagen peptides is safe and there are no known side effects. It is important to take a brand that checks for heavy metals and toxins.

J.S.: How does collagen affect blood vessels?

V.C.: Collagen surrounds every blood vessel to maintain a sturdy and healthy structure and protect blood vessels from damage.

When the blood vessel becomes injured, collagen is exposed and attracts cells called platelets from the blood which causes blood clotting.

J.S.: What hormone is responsible for collagen?

V.C.: Estrogen and testosterone have a direct impact on collagen. This is why collagen production reduces dramatically after menopause.

J.S.: What problems does collagen solve?

V.C.: Collagen peptides can slow down the ageing process. The more collagen we have the healthier we are. They have been proven to improve skin, nails, hair, joint and bone health. Benefits also include weight management, improved glucose metabolism, reduction in cellulite, improved sleep and gut health.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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