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7 weight loss movies to make you more motivated

Motivation for losing weight can be obtained even after watching several sports films. We offer you a list of films for the coming free evening!

Are you all waiting for the right Monday or the beginning of the month to start jogging in the morning or finally use the dusty gym membership? Then you definitely need to get your dose of motivational films and characters.
They go to the goal and spare no effort for the sake of sporting achievements. This is inspiring.

Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

1. Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019) 

Hilarious, outgoing and always up for a good time, New Yorker Brittany Forgeries everybody's best friend -- except maybe her own. At 27, her hard-partying ways, chronic underemployment and toxic relationships are catching up with her, but when she stops by a new doctor's office to try to score some Adderall, she gets slapped with a prescription she never wanted: Get healthy. Too broke for a gym and too proud to ask for help, Brit is at a loss, until her seemingly together neighbor Catherine pushes her to lace up her Converse sneakers and run one sweaty block. The next day, she runs two. And soon, after finishing her first mile, she sets an almost unthinkable goal: running in the New York City Marathon

2. Without Limits

The story of the dramatic life of the legendary Steve Prefontein, an athlete who had no equal on the treadmill. There were no unbreakable boundaries and unattainable records for him.

On the way to victory, Prefontein had to endure the bitterness of defeat, it could be the sign to stop, but not. Great and tragic - two sides of the gold medal, and Steve Prefontein was destined to become the most tragic great star of world sports. 

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

3. Rocky

Who is Rocky Balboa? This is a legendary man, a shy, but extremely stubborn and talented boxer who did not spare himself and rose from the very bottom to the top of fame. With his charm, he makes millions fall in love with himself, and shocks even professionals with bloody fights. He exhausts himself with grueling training and dreams of a world champion belt. Like a bull terrier, he attacks his opponents, no matter how dangerous they may be. He always goes to the very end, and it seems that he would rather die than show his weakness. 

4. Million Dollar Baby

Another impressive and incredibly motivating film about boxing is Million Dollar Baby, directed by actor and director Clint Eastwood. A persistent and purposeful girl named Maggie comes to the gym to an experienced coach Frank Dunn. She pursues high goals and most of all wants to achieve success in boxing. First of all, she is faced with the mistrust and arrogance of those around her but hard training is doing its job, bringing her not only universal respect, but also impressive victories. One of the most powerful characters in the world of cinema is able to easily motivate the viewer to achieve her goal.

The film got four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. The leading role, Hilary Swank, was prepared for filming by boxing and kickboxing champion Lucia Rizhker.

5. Invincible (film)

Vince Papale worked as a bartender and could not even imagine that he would take part in a professional sports team. But when he heard about the experimental selection, allowing anyone to take a place in the team of football players, he decided to go and try himself . Unexpectedly for everyone, Vince, who even during his student years did not play football, turns into a professional football player! This is a dramatic story about how a person can achieve success in sports, starting at any age. The film describes a real episode from the history of the American football team "Philadelphia Eagles" and its player Vincent Papale.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

6. Creed

It is hard to imagine a more motivating workout music track than Eye of the Tiger, known all over the world thanks to the movie "Rocky 3". And the films of the series themselves are a visual aid for those who sometimes lack motivation to train. In the recent film in the series, “Creed: The Rocky Legacy”, the story of a new character is revealed. Adonis, the son of the famous boxer Apollo Creed, managed to make a good career as an economist, but at the same time he secretly wants to follow his father's footsteps to achieve success in the ring. Having gone through many difficulties, he becomes a student of Rocky.

This film brought Sylvester Stallone an Oscar nomination “Best Supporting Actor”. The tape was only the second full-length film in the filmography of director Ryan Coogler.

7. LBS

LBS is a movie with a really interesting story. The writer, Carmine Famiglietti was heavily overweight. He wanted motivation to lose weight. So he decided to make a movie about himself losing weight, and he starred in it himself. That genius decision led to the creation of LBS, an independent movie that Hollywood producers didn’t back. LBS is a real, honest, gritty story that shows what it’s really like to try to go from obese to healthy. It’s great, and I really respect the writer/actor for his bravery. I mean, so far from Megan Fox wanting to show off her body, Carmine Famiglietti intentionally created a movie about one of the less impressive aspects of his life. To me that makes him a hero.

Do you still sit on your sofa, continuing to eat the snacks? So now is a sign to stand up ,get rid of not that “healthy food” and start a new style of life! If you still have not enough motivation, check our list, choose one film and may it help to go ahead!

Cover photo by Jozsef Hocza on Unsplash

Julia Stecher is an award-winning fitness model, professional nutritionist, and certified personal trainer who provides personal training services in Zurich and online.

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