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7 signs that you need to change your personal trainer

An ideal PT can be your best fitness mentor who would help you reach your body goals transforming your lifestyle and improving your wellbeing along the way.

In reality, it could be hard to spot a good fitness trainer, and at some point, you can end up with a PT who not only can’t help you get fit, but may also leave you with new health issues or even injuries.

If you have doubts about whether your current fitness trainer is a good one, keep reading – we put together 7 signs that you might need to change your PT.

1. Your PT doesn't make the initial assessment for creating a customized training plan for you

Every person is different, and there’s no universal training plan that would cover all fitness levels, goals, and health states.

The first sign of a bad fitness trainer is starting your training without asking you numerous questions about your background, lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity level, health concerns, and, of course, results that you want to achieve.

All this information helps a good personal trainer to set healthy, realistic goals for your training and develop an effective, personalized fitness plan for achieving lasting results.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

2. Your PT doesn’t provide any guidance or advice outside the workout topic

The primary task of the personal trainer is to explain the techniques of exercises on your training sessions and make sure that you do them properly and safely to avoid injuries and get the maximum effect.

But a good PT knows that your workout routine is only a part of the solution. And that your nutrition and general lifestyle also play key roles in how successful your efforts would be.

So, if your personal trainer doesn’t give you any advice at all on how to adjust your lifestyle and diet to achieve desired fitness results, then it’s probably time to find a new one.

3. Your PT doesn’t have relevant fitness & nutrition certifications

Qualification differentiates educated personal trainers from those who don’t actually have sufficient knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals.

If your trainer didn’t get any professional education in fitness and sport and doesn’t have any certifications to demonstrate their knowledge in the field, then you can end up spending lots of money and effort to no avail.

And remember that your training plan is only a part of the deal – nourishing your body with the right food fuels your workouts and helps you reach your body goals too.

Thus, having a PT who doesn’t offer professional nutrition guidance (backed by a high-quality education) in combination with your workout program – is not your best option.

Photo by LUNA ACTIVE FITNESS on Unsplash

4. Your PT doesn’t motivate and support you

Sometimes, following your training plan and forming healthy habits can put your willpower and self-discipline to the test, and your PT can give you that much-needed push and encouragement when you most need it.

Constantly empowering and supporting you is one of the things good personal trainers do, so that you can stay on track and continue moving towards your goals even when you don’t feel like it.

Besides, a good trainer keeps your workouts challenging and fun throughout your fitness journey by offering variety and listening to your preferences.

If you end up feeling bored or emotionally drained after your workout sessions instead of getting energy and mood boosts – your current PT is not really working for you.

5. Your PT doesn’t measure your progress regularly & doesn’t adjust your training plan

As you move forward with your fitness program, your strength, weight, body composition, and other measurements change. And it’s your personal trainer’s job to make an in-depth assessment of those changes and adjust your fitness plan accordingly.

Without proper monitoring of various fitness metrics, it’s very hard to say, for example, if the current exercise routine really works for you, whether you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau, or if it’s time to adjust your diet.

If your PT doesn’t monitor your progress and doesn’t change intensity & type of exercises or your nutrition plan accordingly – that’s not a good sign.

Photo by lawrence wilcox on Unsplash

6. Your PT doesn’t pay you enough attention on training sessions

A good personal trainer is actively involved in every workout, carefully monitoring your actions, correcting your form, and guiding you through the session.

If your trainer is constantly checking their phone or watch, talking with others, and not paying enough attention to what you’re doing, that can drastically decrease the effectiveness of the workout and potentially lead to injuries.

7. You don’t see any progress from your training for several months

It’s okay to have some periods of stagnation during your fitness journey as it’s never linear, but if you don’t see any progress for months, it could be a warning sign.

Your body adapts to changes in your workout and diet plans, and sometimes, you may face a training plateau – it’s when you just stop seeing any further results from all your efforts.

A good personal trainer will help you overcome a training plateau and move forward by making the right corrections to your diet and training routine. Sometimes, they may even direct you to healthcare professionals for additional analyses to find the cause of the problem.

So, if you feel like you’re stuck with the same results for several months no matter how hard you try, your PT is not making the right choices for your fitness plan.

Getting the body of your dreams is not an easy task, and finding the right partner who will support and guide you to achieving your fitness goals could be the key to your success.

If you feel like your current personal trainer doesn’t lead you to desired results, it’s worth checking other options. Don’t forget that you are not limited by your local area – training with a PT online can bring the same results, just make sure to choose a qualified trainer with a proven track record.

Cover photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Julia Stecher is an award-winning fitness model, professional nutritionist, and certified personal trainer who provides personal training services in Zurich and online.

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