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5 effective ways to maintain immunity

Pay attention to the diet

Your bowel has its own immune system, which accounts for 70-80% of the body’s immune system. Numerous studies have proven that the healthier your intestinal microbiome and digestion, the better your immunity. «Improper nutrition often becomes the cause of inflammation, it lowers immunity», - says British naturopath and nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson. Fortunately, even small positive changes can significantly improve your health. «We used to think that it takes months to heal the microbiome, but now we know that if you change your diet, you will notice the result in just a couple of days», - says Ferguson. The specialist suggests adding beet, topinambur and radishes to the daily menu for liver cleansing; garlic and onions to stimulate the growth of good bacteria; beans, legumes and lentils for the growth of bifidobacteria in the colon. Moreover, Ferguson recommends taking amino acid L-glutamine for intestinal health and taking a course of prebiotics.

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Add vitamins

We all know that vitamin C is good for immunity. However, few people are aware that in combination with other vitamins and minerals, it has a much more powerful effect. Vitamin C itself helps to protect against infections, but when combined with zinc it stimulates the production of new immune cells. Add iron from meat, fish and beans to your diet, and the immune cells will become even healthier. And with an extra dose of vitamin A (it’s found in eggs, carrots and sweet potatoes) you can support T-cells that resist viruses and bacteria.

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Stimulate blood circulation

The lymphatic system eliminates toxins and fights infection, but unlike the circulatory system, it cannot flow on its own - it needs movement». If you lie on the couch all day and watch Netflix, the lymph moves very slowly, which means your body is unable to remove harmful toxins. Deep breathing techniques might be helpful, dry brush massage or massage with a gouache scraper. Make it part of your evening routine. Warm a little oil between the palms and massage the skin. Pay special attention to the chest, neck and upper back.

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Magnesium levels

Magnesium can relax muscles, relieve stress and improve sleep. It is effective not only in the format of BADs, for example, baths with epsom/magnesium salt effectively relieve spasms, soothe and compensate for mineral deficiency in the body. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that 80 per cent of people have magnesium deficiency. Stress, caffeine, sugar and alcohol significantly reduce the level of mineral in the body. It makes sense to run tests to compensate for deficits. Nutritionists recommend adding brown rice, almonds (one handful a day) and leaf beet to the diet.

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Meditation is much more than just relaxation, it can improve our health, and it is scientifically proven to be extremely useful for immunity. Studies have shown that meditation affects genes associated with stress, inflammation, and wound healing, which are key to immunity.

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