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10 simple steps for keeping your New Year’s weight-loss resolution

The New Year holidays are already over, which means it's time to get in shape! It is unlikely that anyone is happy with a couple of extra pounds gained from salads and delicious but fatty meat. 

Can the weight go away on its own?

It would seem, why limit yourself in food and increase the number of loads, if "holiday" kilograms were gained due to an exceptional situation? It will go away by itself! In fact, the body will not be able to return to its previous state so easily, even if you restore the usual diet. 

1. The first is to drink a glass of ice water before each meal. Important: this method is not at all suitable for people who often suffer from angina. The meaning of this rule is very simple and logical. First, you will be able to eat much less than usual, since there will already be water in the stomach. Secondly, the body will spend a lot of energy to warm the ice water to your body's temperature. 

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

2. If you go on a diet from time to time, you have probably heard of this method of losing weight as fasting days. There are many products on which fasting days can be arranged: on kefir, on buckwheat and kefir, on vegetables, on fruits, on cottage cheese. Choose your best way and start right now!

3. Low-calorie foods. If you want to lose those extra pounds, then most likely you will have to give up high-calorie foods in favor of low-calorie foods. Such products include low-fat fermented milk cottage cheese and sourdough, vegetables (in particular, green leafy ones), fruits, and pumpkin pulp. 

Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash

4. Try to add more healthy foods to your diet. For example, instead of the usual cheese sandwich, make yourself for breakfast a whole grain bread with ricotta, honey and white grapes. A couple of these sandwiches will energize you, which you can easily hold on until lunchtime. Spread honey on a slice of whole grain bread, put a tablespoon of ricotta on top, and even above - a couple of seedless white grapes. 

5. Remember that undersalting in the post-New Year situation is much better than the other way around. Because alcohol already retains fluid in the body, and you had, we are sure, in excess of salinity on the table, so now give your kidneys a rest - salt to a minimum.

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

6. Forgetting dinner for weeks? Well, no, you need to refresh yourself at dinner! Otherwise, hunger will attack at night, which, as you know, is not an aunt. But dinner should be made as light as possible. The fact is just important that yes, they sat down at the table, drank tea, ate something. And what exactly lay on your plate is not so important. You can drink yogurt, but just sitting at the table, where you usually eat. You can eat 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese mixed with pieces of fruit.

It is better to choose fruits not by calorie content, but by the glycemic index: it is the highest in watermelon (75), the lowest in black currant (15). The lower this index, the longer you can keep feeling full. After all, what does the glycemic index say? About how much the blood sugar level rises after consuming a particular product. And sugar is processed by insulin, which is responsible for the feeling of fullness. That is, the more insulin it takes to process the sugar that rose after you ate a piece of watermelon, the sooner you will feel hungry.

Photo by Andrew Valdivia on Unsplash

7. Eat 5-6 times a day. The interval between meals should be 3–3.5 hours. The size of the portion should be small, about 300-400 g. Fasting after the holidays is strictly prohibited. Due to starvation, your metabolism will immediately slow down and the body will live in a conservation mode, thereby not spending excess fat, but, on the contrary, accumulating it.

8. Remember the Paretto 80/20 rule. There 80% of the entire diet should consist of good carbohydrates and only 20% of bad ones. Good carbohydrates include cereals, legumes, bran. The bad ones are sweet, starchy foods, sweet fruits. In the morning, you can indulge in any fruit, dried fruit or 2-3 slices of dark chocolate.

Photo by Margarita Zueva on Unsplash

9. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day. It is recommended to add a little lemon juice. Lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is essential for our immunity.

10. After the holidays, you need to start leading a healthy lifestyle: move more, play sports in order to quickly say goodbye to unnecessary pounds. 

Photo by ŞULE MAKAROĞLU on Unsplash

As for the basic rules to help you lose weight, they are pretty simple. The most important thing is to remember to eat in small portions. "Less and often" is the main rule. You can try to stick to a mono diet or a low-calorie diet, but any restriction often leads to nervous breakdowns, which only slows down the process of losing weight.

And, of course, try to be back as soon as possible to physical activity. We are sure that few of you visited the gym in 10 days, so now it is time to get back to active exercises and start getting in shape. Do not rush and do not overload yourself immediately: do it step by step, and then your weight will go away faster.

Julia Stecher is an award-winning fitness model, professional nutritionist, and certified personal trainer who provides personal training services in Zurich and online.

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