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10 reasons to drink more water

About 65 percent of the human body is water. Without water, the average person can live for no more than three days. The lack of fluid in the body is called dehydration.

Of course, when you exercise, the need for drinking water increases. For each hour of anaerobic exercises, it is necessary to drink up to a liter of water.

Now we again advise to pay attention to the fact that you need to drink more water. And here’s why:

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

1. Water helps to lose weight

Studies have shown that people who drink a glass of water before eating lose more pounds during a diet than those who don’t. Drinking a glass of water before you eat makes your stomach work faster, and the water allows you to recognize the false sense of hunger: sometimes you think you want to eat when you are really thirsty.

2. Water facilitates digestion of food.

Water helps not only dissolve fats, but also reduces the pressure on your liver and kidneys, as well as eliminating toxins. More about this - a couple of points below.

3. Water helps fight fatigue.

Drinking water is necessary during each training, especially intense and long - so your body will not suffer from dehydration. By the way, water with carbohydrates and salts will help keep the right balance of liquid, prevent fatigue and exhaustion. Try drinking on the fitness mineral water and watch how you feel.

Photo by Ikhsan Sugiarto on Unsplash

4. Water prevents some types of cancer

Studies have shown that the more fluid you drink, the less likely you are to develop bladder, colon, or breast cancer. One possible reason for the miraculous properties of water is that frequent urination prevents the accumulation of carcinogens in the body.

5. Drinking a glass of water boosts your mood.

Drinking water will give you a pleasant feeling and ease. The reason again is that by doing it, you will prevent dehydration, which has a negative effect, including on your mood.

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

6. Water prevents headaches

Water scarcity can cause migraines. According to a study of headache, two cups of water within 30 minutes were found to relieve symptoms of headache.

7. Water makes the kidneys work

The main functions of the kidneys are waste removal and maintenance of blood pressure and fluid balance in the body. What will «keep them in shape»?  Water! It really works: drinking enough water a day reduces the chance of kidney stones.

8. Water energizes

Did you feel tired? Perhaps it was the dehydration. Drink a glass of water to relieve your drowsiness and restore your vitality. Did not help - then choose something from this list and cheer up is no joke!

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

9. Water a billion times more useful than sweet soda

To avoid unpleasant consequences for the body and an excessive dose of carbohydrates, which are in large quantities contained in a soda, prepare your own. Use natural mineral water and fresh fruits to prepare it. Very soon we will share with you the recipes of simply divine summer lemonade.

10. Water helps to concentrate.

If your job is related to mental activity and requires you to stay focused for a long time, keep a bottle of water on your desktop. It will help you stay as fresh and cheerful as possible.

Remember that the above applies only to water - not tea, juice or coffee. Enough 2 liters of water a day, and you will be happy and healthy!

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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