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Recent changes and trends in aesthetic medicine

The global pandemic affected every aspect of our lives and changed many things – from how we work to how we spend family holidays.

The way we take care of ourselves and stay in good shape changed too, and aesthetic medicine has adapted to the new realities to meet our new demands in the era of online communications and increased health concerns.

We asked a world-class aesthetic professional Dr. Svetlana Larkina about the changes Covid-19 brought to aesthetic medicine and trends we could expect in 2021-2022. Let’s look at what we’ve learned.

How global pandemic shapes today’s aesthetic medicine

1. Focus on health and safety

Covid-19 brought our attention to the most precious thing that we have – our health. The focus of many services switched to safety, and aesthetic medicine is not in any way an exception – medical masks for every client, regular disinfection of premises, video consultations whenever possible, and other safety measures are the new reality for every aesthetic clinic.

2. Face is the #1 priority

In terms of beauty procedures, the face became the #1 priority for clients. Now, we mostly hold our social and professional meetings online, and our face is often the only thing people see when talking to us. When we are on a video call, incorrectly placed light sources can expose skin problems and wrinkles, so beauty injections, chemical peelings, and other facial treatments that target those issues are naturally in great demand.

3. Choosing clinics more carefully

Another recent change is that we started to choose an aesthetic clinic more carefully. As we now value our health and safety more, we also pay more attention to medical certifications, quality standards, and proof of expertise of aesthetic professionals.

4. Focus on long-term results

As we don’t visit social events in person as often anymore, the need for instant effect from beauty treatments was replaced by the desire to get long-term results and look beautiful and younger every day, not just on special occasions. So, the procedures that require a series of treatments and bring long-lasting, healthy results become more and more popular these days.

Julia is having face treatment

Trends in aesthetic medicine for 2021-2022

The biggest trends that emerged during the pandemic will continue to grow. Those include special attention to the skin quality and face in general, focus on health and safety, and readiness to do more for long-term, healthy results rather than settling for one-night effect.

Trend #1: Injections that bring natural-looking results

Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers injections are constantly growing in popularity and will continue getting more fans in the nearest years. The technique of injections is developing further, allowing to achieve a natural-looking, fresh, lively face with fewer wrinkles and without the frozen or “pillow face” effects.

Trend #2: Overall skin quality

Procedures for improving overall skin quality and making it smooth and firm will continue to gain popularity. Those include beauty treatments that target large pores, acne, shiny skin, pigmentation and other blemishes – for example, microneedling, chemical peelings, and laser treatments.

Trend #3: Skincare tools & devices for home use

Another growing trend is beauty tools and devices for home use. For example, a microneedle roller that you can use by yourself together with a special serum suitable for your skin type. Of course, it’s still recommended to have a preliminary online/offline consultation with an aesthetic professional who could show you the technique and make sure you know how to safely use your skincare tools.

Trend #4: Preventative skin care

The demand for preventative skin care and treatments (e.g. peelings, radiofrequency therapy, and LED light treatments) will grow too. The reason is simple – it’s much easier to postpone the signs of aging and enjoy younger-looking skin for longer with preventative skin care, than treating deep premature wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Trend #5: Interdisciplinary approach

More aesthetic specialists will turn to the interdisciplinary approach in their practice and broaden the list of clinical tests that the client needs to make before starting the treatment. And more clinics will offer high-quality complex beauty treatments that incorporate genetics, nutrition, general medicine, in addition to the beautification itself.

Identifying the root of aesthetic problems with the help of other specialists (e.g. gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, dietician, and other professionals) can help you get rid of the cause of the actual problem, increase the effectiveness of beauty treatments, and get healthy, long-term results.

Remember, that while aesthetic medicine offers wide range of solutions to help you look younger and attractive at any age, it’s important not to rush into everything that’s trendy at this moment. Instead, focus on your own needs and choose the right treatments based on your health state, natural features, and other individual factors with the help of your aesthetic practitioner.

Dr. Svetlana Larkina is the chief physician of the LARKINA CENTER, a medical center of intensive cosmetology and anti-aging therapy in Ukraine. Svetlana is an MD, PhD, and certified trainer of 7 medical companies. She holds 8 patents and copyright certificates in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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