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Are drinking water and losing weight connected?

Everyone on the Earth needs food and water. Without food, a person can live for a few weeks, without water during such a time it is literally impossible to survive. So how many people can go without water? Many scientists of the world answer this question, relying on the individual characteristics of the organism and certain environmental factors.

Water nourishes all cells of the body, promotes important trace elements, removes decay products and toxins. It acts as a guarantee of human health and life. Even with severe hunger, people can live a long time. As a rule, a person can live without food for 8-10 days and still feel well. As for water, an acute need for it occurs after 3-4 days. During this time, without receiving water, a person dies. But he is able to live without water in optimal climatic conditions for up to a week. Scientists call this period the upper bar when a person can live without drinking. 

Water affects important processes in the body, helps to lose weight. It allows you to maintain the elasticity of the skin, hair density. It is important to maintain water balance in the body, so you need to find out how much water to drink per day in order to lose weight. 

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Benefits of water

Purified and high-quality water allows you to start the process of losing weight. The body needs water in order to restore energy that it spends every day on the work of internal organs and systems. When valuable moisture is lost, the person becomes irritable, concentrates poorly, and loses the level of productivity for the rest of the day.  

1. Improving the functioning of the digestive tract. Water prevents the formation of constipation in the intestines, removes waste products. Fluid is required for the chemical processes that take place in the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Reducing the likelihood of developing infectious and viral diseases. When there is a lack of fluid in the body, dehydration occurs. Weakened immunity becomes the cause of frequent infectious diseases.

3. Regulation of biological and chemical processes. When a person loses weight, he loses a lot of water. Fluid is required for quick recovery. With a deficiency, muscle spasms occur. That is why it is important to learn how to drink water properly in order to lose weight.

4. Water starts the process of burning fat. Liquid helps to normalize a metabolism.

Water helps to improve an overall well-being. It acts on the human body as an antipyretic agent. The fluid is required to restore skin cells, prevent dryness, and nourish the body. It remains elastic and youthful.

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The interconnection between water and weight loss

When we start to lose weight water helps us and our body. Water effects on a body by these ways:

  1. regulation of optimal body temperature;
  2. removal and excretion of decay products from the body and thorough cleaning;
  3. transportation of nutrients and elements, oxygen, glucose into cells;
  4. help in natural moisturizing of the skin, soft tissues;
  5. improving joint flexibility, strengthening muscles;
  6. regulation of the digestive system.

People weighing 50-70 kg should drink at least 2200 ml during the day. With a mass over 100 kg, the norm is 3 liters per day. It is important to maintain the balance of fluid in the body so as not to harm health and not worsen well-being. 

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So how can we drink water to lose weight?

There are several rules for how to drink water to lose weight:

  1. the rate for each person is calculated individually (you need to weigh yourself and multiply the result by 30);
  2. water should not be drunk during meals and after meals;
  3. after eating, they drink liquid every 60 minutes;
  4. water is drunk in small sips, evenly throughout the day;
  5. the daily rate does not include drinks that can retain moisture in the body;
  6. you can not drink too hot or cold water.

If the liquid is cold, there is a high risk of decreased immunity, the appearance of a state of drowsiness and weakness, even after rest. Another important rule is regularity in order to develop a habit. 

And the most important thing is over here:


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How to remember to drink water?

Drinking water should be a habit. Don't worry about every single cup to drink. Just keep a small water bottle with you at all times. At the workplace, next to the couch, in your purse or in the car. It should always be in sight.

With a balanced and reasonable diet, proper drinking of pure water, physical activity, your excess weight will go away forever. At the same time, you will look great and keep your health and vitality. 

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